Report a Student Absence

Hardwick Elementary: (802) 472-5411

Lakeview Elementary: (802) 533-7066 x5106 or email

Woodbury Elementary: (802) 472-5715

Daily Attendance

It is so important for your child to be present and on time every day. Our yearly calendar is provided in order to plan family vacations within school vacations. It is required that you call the school when your child is absent. You can locate the school phone numbers on this webpage. For your convenience you can leave a voicemail on the office line so you won’t have to wait for the office to open. Excused absences are those that are verified by a parent or guardian (you may be asked to provide a doctor’s note), a physician, school nurse, or other school staff.

Excused absences and tardies fall into one of the following categories:

  • Medical*

  • Legal

  • Religious

  • Prior Administrative Approval

* Remember: Families are asked not to send their child(ren) to school if there has been vomiting, diarrhea or fever during the previous 24 hours. A sick child may spread the illness to classmates. If a child becomes ill at school the nurse is available to assist. We will contact parents first and then the individuals designated on the emergency form if a student needs to be sent home for illness.