weather graphic with cloud, snow, lightning bolt

Our priority is safety. When weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances make it difficult to get to or from school safely, the Superintendent follows a process to determine whether one of the following options should occur:

  • Limited or alternate bus routes: bus routes are altered to accommodate weather conditions.

  • Two-hour late opening: Schools begin — and buses pick up students — two hours later than usual.

  • Early dismissal (two types):

    • Planned early dismissal is denoted on the school calendar. Students will be fed lunch prior to dismissal.
    • Unexpected events, such as weather conditions, loss of water, and heat. In these situations, notification to parents will occur prior to dismissal.
  • Schools and offices closed: School is cancelled for the day. When school is cancelled for the day, all games and activities are also cancelled for that day.

What Families Can Do

There are a few things that you can do to make sure you are notified of important news:

  • Keep your contact information up to date: make sure the school has the most current contact information on file, including primary contacts, emergency contacts, automatic notification system contacts, and transportation preferences.
  • If you use social media, follow OSSU on Facebooka nd share posts related to weather closures so the word can spread quickly.

Were you called in Error?

If you have been included in an automated call and wish to be removed from future calls, please contact us.

Questions or Comments?

If you have additional questions or comments related to weather closures or delays, please contact us.


The decision will be broadcast through OSSU’s automatic notification system and then shared with the television channel listed below. Announcements are also posted on OSSU’s website, Facebook page and Instagram page.

OSSU Facebook

OSSU Instagram

WCAX Channel

Local Radio Stations

  • WLVB/Vermont Country  93.9 FM
  • WEZF/Star  92.9 FM
  • WOKO/FM Country 98.9FM

In the event that the Superintendent is not accessible by telephone, OSSU’s Chief Financial Officer serves as the Superintendent’s backup.