About Principal Deiss


My name is Bill Deiss and I am the Principal of Hardwick Elementary School. I am just about to close out my first year in this role and I couldn’t be happier. It has been challenging and rewarding in a lot of ways, all of which have made me better for it.

This is my 21st year in education and 10th in Educational Leadership. I started my career in Special Education in Charlotte, North Carolina. I worked at the High School level for 14 years in a number of different capacities. As I mentioned, I was a Special Education Teacher but I was also a Math Teacher, a yearbook advisor, a tennis coach, a senior board advisor, and an Assistant Principal. My time in that environment was formative in many ways. Particularly, it shaped my beliefs around diversity and inclusion. I feel strongly that all persons should have a sense of belonging and connection to the school they attend.

In 2016, with my wife and son, we moved to Central Vermont. We have family in New England and we wanted to be closer to them. We have fallen in love with this state and enjoy many of the conveniences it offers us. In my free time I enjoy skiing, kayaking, visiting family and friends, and inviting folks up to see us.

I think it is fair to say that the staff at HES is very dedicated to their craft. They do not shy away from looking critically at their practices. They understand and want to use data in a more informative way to improve outcomes in all areas. They work hard and we are lucky to have such a devoted group.

Thank you,

William Deiss

Staff Members