What is Intradistrict School Choice?

The Mountain View Union Elementary School District places students in the District’s schools based on a student’s town of residence. Transportation is provided for K-6 students attending a school within the town of residence.

It is the policy of the Mountain View Union Elementary School District to offer intradistrict school choice in grades kindergarten through six, for all students residing in the District, which includes Hardwick Elementary, Lakeview Elementary and Woodbury Elementary. Choice may be limited only where necessary to the legitimate operational needs of the District and any applicable legal requirements. Limitations may be imposed only in conformity with the criteria set out in Article 3 of the Articles of Agreement. Processes for intradistrict choice of school will be guided by the needs of students, space availability, and available resources. 

The Superintendent of Schools will develop procedures consistent with the following guidelines:

  • Requests to attend a school in another town within the Mountain View Union Elementary School District will be granted based on space availability and with the goal of creating balanced class sizes in all schools.
  • Regardless of residence, every family will have a choice of enrolling in any grade-level appropriate school operated by the District (Hardwick Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Woodbury Elementary).
  • Transportation to K-6 buildings will be provided for students attending school within one’s town of residence. For students choosing to attend school in a neighboring town, transportation is not provided by the Mountain View Union Elementary School District, unless the child can access an existing bus route on the way to or from the choice school and there is sufficient space on the bus.
  • Younger children may apply to attend the school choice location with an older sibling when capacity is available.  We will do our best to keep siblings together whenever possible.
  • Intradistrict choice does not apply to non-resident students. 
  • Intradistrict choice procedures are found on this web page, will be listed in school handbooks and are updated and published by March 1st annually. 

If interested in applying for school choice, a family should contact any one of the three Mountain View Union Elementary School District schools for a school choice application and submit the completed application to the preferred school of choice, or alternatively, families may download the application for School Year 2024-2025 here

  • The deadline for submitting the application will be the 2nd Friday in March of any given year.

  • After the March deadline, principals will approve applications based on the needs of students, space availability, and available resources.

  • If there are more applications than can be accommodated, a lottery will be held to determine which students are approved.

  • If there is still availability beyond the March deadline, approval will be on a first come first served basis.  After July 31st, superintendent approval will be needed for a school choice request and will be considered on a case by case basis. Changes in school attendance will be made at the start of the new academic year; mid-year changes will only be made in extenuating circumstances.

  • If a change in physical residence occurs mid-year from one school within Mountain View Union Elementary School District to another within MVUESD, the student may continue to attend their previous school or choose to attend the school in the town of their new residency, without having to undergo an application process. Transportation will be provided to and from only the school within the town of residency. However, families may reach out to Wildcat Busing at 802-472-5501 to see if bus transportation can be arranged on an individual basis based on home location and existing bus routes.

  • A school choice application implies a commitment from the student and parents. Once a parent has submitted the choice application and has been approved for entrance to the choice school, the student is expected to attend and complete their elementary education to the highest grade offered in that choice school. A spot is not guaranteed in the school of origin should a student wish to return. A parent must re-apply to the school of origin through the school choice process outlined above.